Essex Market / Think!Chinatown - Zongzi Making Workshop + Tea

Chinese Cuisine Chinese Tea Cultural Event Dragonboat Festival Festival Celebration

Zongzi Making Workshop, Dragonboat festival, Essex Market, Think!Chinatown
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  • Essex Market, 88 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002, United States (map)

[SOLD OUT] Let's get together to celebrate the Dragonboat Festival at Essex St Market's beautiful new kitchen classroom! Chinatown Auntie, Cuijian Wu will teach us how to make both savory and sweet Toisan-style joong/zongzi/粽子, glutenous rice with various tasty goodies wrapped in bamboo leaves. We'll talk a little about the holiday itself and the rituals that are observed. You'll learn about the ingredients and all the steps to make your own joong/zongzi/粽子.

There will be homemade joong/zongzi/粽子 in class for you to taste, and a bi-lingual ingredient list for you to take to our favorite Chinatown dried goods grocer and event sponsor, PoWingHong. Grand Tea & Imports will also be there to serve cold-brewed Rose Black Tea as a refreshing complement to the course.


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