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301 Grand Street Fire, Grand Tea & Imports

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Sometimes when you take a big leap forward, you will hit a couple of snags. We felt this last night when a three-alarm fire hit our store and severely damaged inventory that we were going to move to our new location.

We were one of three victims in the Grand Street fire and came out with extensive inventory loss. Initial estimates puts the amount at $60,000—which would be a huge hit for us since COVID has severely devastated our business and our goods remain uncovered by insurance.

For us, the fire represented more than just financial losses though. We had teas and antiques dating more than 30 years old. And treasures that our family collected from all parts of China for years are no longer replaceable.

We are incredibly grateful that in the aftermath of this event, we have been supported by friends and family from all corners. Though times have been tough, we are inspired by everyone’s support to keep rallying. We will survive this and we will be open again at 298 Grand Street.

Our friends @sendchinatownlove has set up a fundraiser page for our fire recovery. Please help us spread the word or consider making a donation here.

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  • Sofia Perez on

    Is the storefront open again? I have ordered by mail before, but I am going to be in your area and was going to order some tea and pick up at the store, but I am wondering if you’re even open?

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