Traditional Gold Embossed Rabbit Red Envelopes (Long)
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Traditional Gold Embossed Rabbit Red Envelopes (Long)

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People born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle, humble, alert, meticulous, patient, and easy to get along with. The simple yet classic rabbit illustrations on these envelopes evoke these traits for the incoming New Year. 

Embossed in gold with rainbow accents on premium red paper, these rabbit red envelopes will bring blessings and good fortune to the recipient. 

Each packet comes as a variety pack of 6 envelopes, including one in each of the following blessings: 

大吉大利 - Wishes of Great Luck and Profit (this blessing comes in 2 designs)

平安喜樂 - Wishes of Safety, Peace, and Joy

福 - Wishes of Good Fortune 

金兔獻瑞 - May the Gold Rabbit Bring Luck

錢兔無量 - May the Money Rabbit Bring Boundless Wealth

Dimensions: 3.5” x 6.7”

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