Pu-erh Tea Paste | 普洱茶膏
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Pu-erh Tea Paste | 普洱茶膏

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While the pu-erh tea paste may look like a relatively new convenience item, it is actually an age-old way of drinking tea. Pu-erh tea paste is produced by using tea leaves that have already been processed and fermented,  and separating the elixir from the fibers of the leaves. Afterwards, the elixir goes through another step which results in an ultra-concentrated form of the tea in a solid form.

It first came about in the Tang Dynasty, when Lu Yu (the author of The Classic of Tea) discovered that pu-erh tea forms a paste when dried. Though it was discovered in the Tang Dynasty, tea paste was not widely used until the Song Dynasty, when production methods were perfected and tea makers were able to figure out how to extract the full flavor of the tea from the leaf.

In terms of its properties, pu-erh tea paste has the same effects as regular pu-erh tea (detox and protects the liver, helps with digestion, breaks down grease). The biggest difference--and biggest advantage, is that pu-erh tea paste can be drunken on an empty stomach, whereas regular pu-erh tea is rather harsh on the stomach, especially on an empty one. Aside from that, pu-erh tea paste's hassle free storage and brewing procedure makes it a convenient option for tea lovers who are on-the-go to enjoy a quality cup of tea. 

Brewing instructions-

  1. Unwrap 1 tablet of tea paste into brewing vessel
  2. Pour in boiling water, gently stir or swirl vessel until paste dissolves
  3. Serve tea

Tasting Notes

Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh (生普古樹茶)- Green

  • Sweet aroma--like black tea, with a hint of smokiness
  • Malty on the back of the palate
  • Unlike most raw pu-erhs, not astringent at all
  • Pronounced bittersweet aftertaste right after swallowing that lasts for ~2 mins
  • Brews 2-3 cups of water, tea elixir is quite dark compared to most raw pu-erhs

Aged Ripe Pu-erh (陳年熟普)- Gold

  • Earthy aroma, mineral taste
  • Slightly grassy herbal taste in the back of the palate
  • Long-lasting bittersweet aftertaste that lasts ~3 mins
  • Brews 1 large mug of water

Menghai Ripe Pu-erh (勐海熟普)- Gold w/ polka dots

  • Savory aroma of rice and mushrooms
  • Mineral taste that resembles button mushrooms, with a thick and deep earthy taste
  • Brews 1 large mug of water

Ripe Pu-erh (熟普茶膏)- Mahogany

  • Faint earthy smell
  • Bittersweet on entry with strong rounded-out sweet herbal taste--like prunella
  • Brews 1 large mug of water

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