Lunar New Year Velvet Paper "Fortune" Decor
Lunar New Year Velvet Paper "Fortune" Decor
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Lunar New Year Velvet Paper "Fortune" Decor

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The "Fortune" sign is the perfect decor to hang on your door or in any room wall as a simple way to honor the Lunar New Year. 

Covered in velvet and embossed with a golden 福 (fú, trans. fortune), this elegant paper banner is a must-have as the centerpiece to complete your Year of the Rabbit decorating. 

The "Fortune" sign is hung in a diamond-shape orientation, with the four corners of the paper pointing up, down, left, and right. It is common to hang it with the  福 character upright, but can also be hung upside down to invite extra luck. When hung upside down, the description of the sign's peculiar orientation, 倒福 (dàofu, trans. upside down "fortune"), cleverly sounds like a blessing for arriving fortune, 到福 (dàofu, trans. arrival of fortune). The double meaning behind this pun has invited those who are in need of an extra boost of good fortune for the upcoming year to purposely hang their "Fortune" sign upside down.

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