USDA Organic Spring Green Coils/Snails (碧螺春 | Biluochun)
USDA Organic Spring Green Coils/Snails (碧螺春 | Biluochun)
USDA Organic Spring Green Coils/Snails (碧螺春 | Biluochun)
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USDA Organic Spring Green Coils/Snails (碧螺春 | Biluochun)

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Known as one of the China's top ten famous teas, Biluochun comes from picturesque Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and is traditionally grown in the mountains along Lake Tai, where it gets an abundance of water and sunshine. This green tea, which literally translates to "Spring Green Coils (or Snails)", gets its quirky name from its springtime harvesting season and unique shape. While the leaves go through its pan-roasting process, the tea is tightly rolled until the leaves form little coils that resemble green snails.

Our certified USDA organic Spring Green Coils/Snails offers a delicate freshness that reminds us of spring, along with a sweet, slightly nutty undertone that is reminiscent of chestnuts.

Brewing Guide:

Measure 1 teaspoon of tea to a medium-sized gaiwan or glass pot. Bring the water to a boil and allow it cool for 15 minutes (85-90℃). Pour enough water to submerge tea leaves and immediately pour out this first brew.
Refill gaiwan or glass pot to the top and steep for 15-20 seconds or until desired concentration before serving the tea. Rebrew as needed.

Please Note: Due to our small batch sourcing model, product packaging may vary from time to time. Although product received may differ, our family continues to vet every item purchased to ensure quality and consistency. 

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