Taishan Wild Grown Cloud & Mist White Tea | 台山野生雲霧茶
Taishan Wild Grown Cloud & Mist White Tea | 台山野生雲霧茶
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Taishan Wild Grown Cloud & Mist White Tea | 台山野生雲霧茶

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Grown in the remote mountains of Guangdong, the rich flavor of the Cloud & Mist White Tea is a nostalgia-inducing brew for many Taishanese people in diaspora. 

The white tea flourishes mainly in the Southeast face of the Beifeng mountain, where abundant sun and moonshine, cool climate, and salty breeze from the nearby sea provide perfect conditions for the plant’s growth. The tea is so reliant on these geographic factors that it cannot be found in any other area of the same mountain. 

Hand picked, sun-dried, and packaged, the Cloud & Mist tea is an organic tea that is produced in extremely small batches with no additional manipulation needed to bring out its flavors. 

While the tea’s uniquely sweet flavor makes it a beloved brew for many, it is also consumed by locals for its herbal benefits. Elders from the area would often say that, “drinking the tea is enough to eliminate the need for any other herbal brews.” This is because the Cloud & Mist Tea features Traditional Chinese Medicine properties that cools and detoxifies the body, reduces damp heat, and reinvigorates the spirit.

The Cloud & Mist White Tea is an irreplaceable flavor that Taishanese people continue to crave despite years spent away from their ancestral home. And during rare visits back, many Chinatown residents would stock up on the tea to last until their next possible trip. 

Tasting Notes:

In its dried form, the tea features full-bodied sweetness and herbal notes with nuances of anise. 
With a fragrant flavor that is robust and floral like black tea, the tea is sweet and surprisingly thick for a young white tea. 
The flavor coats the tongue with a slightly earthy taste of bamboo leaves (like the ones used in preparing zongzi’s—a rice dumpling enjoyed by Taishan people). On swallowing, the tea leaves a sweetness that lingers. 

Brewing Guide:

Gongfu brewing method-
Measure 1 heaping tablespoon of tea to a medium-sized clay teapot and add 100℃ water.
Pour in enough water to submerge tea leaves and immediately pour out this first brew.
Refill teapot to the top and steep for 20-30 seconds or until desired concentration before serving the tea. This tea needs to steam for a bit to bring out its flavor. 
Rebrew as needed. Can be enjoyed at hot, room temperature, or cold. 


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