Aged Narcissus/Water Sprite/Water Fairy Tea | 陳年水仙
Aged Narcissus/Water Sprite/Water Fairy Tea | 陳年水仙
Aged Narcissus/Water Sprite/Water Fairy Tea | 陳年水仙
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Aged Narcissus/Water Sprite/Water Fairy Tea | 陳年水仙

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On the vast spectrum of oolong teas, Narcissus is considered a dark oolong due to its near-black colored leaves and equally deep-hued tea elixir. Despite what some may associate with a dark tea liquor, Narcissus is incredibly mellow on the palate. The prolonged oxidation and slight charcoal roast finish in its manufacturing process brings out a deep floral taste that's as sweet and lush as a black tea and rich enough to make the tea taste creamy.

Though this type of Wuyi rock/cliff tea is lesser known than ones like Lapsang Souchong (正山小種) or Big Red Robe (Dahongpao, 大紅袍), it is one of the only cliff teas that can be aged and even gets smoother with each passing year. With our Narcissus, years of storage has resulted in a rounded fragrance that seems to unravel from the depth of the leaves. Aged Narcissus' deep fragrance along with its luxurious flavor makes it one of Alice's personal favorite teas, and a must-try more all tea enthusiasts.

Pro-tip: When brewing Narcissus using the gongfu style, smell your tasting cup after drinking each brew. The tea elixir imparts a sweet fragrance to the cup that smells almost sticky like honey.


Brewing Guide: Brewed tea should be dark orange in color.

Gongfu brewing method-
Water temperature: 98-100℃
Quantity: 1 heaping tablespoon
Add tea to a preheated medium-sized clay teapot. Pour in enough water to submerge tea leaves and immediately pour out this first brew. Refill clay teapot to the top and steep for 15-25 seconds or until desired concentration before serving the tea. Rebrew as needed.

Mug brewing method-
Water temperature: ~98-100°C
Quantity: 1/2 teaspoon
Steeping time: 1.5-2 minutes

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