Young Chrysanthemum Buds | 胎菊
Young Chrysanthemum Buds | 胎菊
Young Chrysanthemum Buds | 胎菊
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Young Chrysanthemum Buds | 胎菊

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Young chrysanthemum buds or 胎菊 (taiju) are the younger version of the  Hangzhou chrysanthemum (杭菊, hangju) and used to be a tribute item for the emperor during imperial China. These dainty flowers have long been prized for their delicious taste as well as their traditional Chinese medicine properties.

Taiju refers to the unopened buds of the Hangzhou white chrysanthemum flower. By harvesting the flower before it is completely opened, the tea elixir brewed from the resulting buds is cleaner tasting, more concentrated, and packed with a more full-bodied floral sweetness--an herbal taste that's tinged with a hint of nuttiness reminiscent of honey. The color of the elixir also takes on a brighter yellow hue than with fully-bloomed chrysanthemums. Lastly, its sturdier flowers ensure that the buds do not disintegrate in the tea elixir even after being steeped to its full capacity, which--unlike the slightly murky elixir that is extracted from the fully-bloomed chrysanthemum, ensures a clear finished product that is visually appealing to tea drinkers.

This is a great option for our caffeine-sensitive friends and floral tea lovers.

Brewing Guide: Brewed tea should be bright yellow in color.

Mug brewing method- preferably in a glass vessel to enjoy the beauty of the dainty little flowers floating in the water!
Water temperature: ~98-100°C
Quantity: 1/2 teaspoon
Steeping time: 1.5-2 minutes


Please Note: Due to our small batch sourcing model, product packaging may vary from time to time. Although product received may differ, our family continues to vet every item purchased to ensure quality and consistency. 

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