GTI Grave Sweeping Essentials Pack (拜山寶)
GTI Grave Sweeping Essentials Pack (拜山寶)
GTI Grave Sweeping Essentials Pack (拜山寶)
GTI Grave Sweeping Essentials Pack (拜山寶)
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GTI Grave Sweeping Essentials Pack (拜山寶)

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Between coordinating food, flowers, transportation, and herding family members, Grave Sweeping can be a stressful time for Chinese households. Our Grave Sweeping Essentials pack is lovingly assembled by the front-of-the-house lady, Mrs. Liu, every year to include a little bit of everything you will need in one convenient bundle.

Our Grave Sweeping packs are hassle-free and compact, but most importantly complete with all the paper goods necessary to pay respect your family members.

Pro-tip: Many of our in-person customers buy our Grave Sweeping packs to serve as a base for all the essentials. They generally get at least one pack per family member that they are visiting. After covering the essentials, they then supplement their ancestral offerings with various joss product add-ons that are personalized to each receiver in the afterlife.

Each pack includes: 
1 pair of candles
1 bunch of incense
1 double sided offering sheet
front: house; car; servants clothes; accessories; passport; credit/debit cards
back: money; offering foods; wine and delicacies; pots of gold; amulets for health, longevity, wealth
Reincarnation papers
Creek money
Vietnamese-style brocade paper
Joss money in various denominations
Gold and sIlver Banknotes

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