Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds | 杭菊
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds | 杭菊
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds | 杭菊
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds | 杭菊
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Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds | 杭菊

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Hangzhou white chrysanthemum (杭菊, hangju), also known as sweet chrysanthemum (甘菊, ganju), have been prized for their delicious taste and have been recorded in various medicinal and herbology texts for their traditional Chinese medicinal properties.

Originating from the Zhejiang province, the Hangzhou white chrysanthemum flower has a captivating yet calming floral aroma. The color of the elixir takes on a yellow hue. The light nectar sweetness and grassy brew from the fully matured flowers is soothing and nostalgic. 

This herbal infusion is a great option for our caffeine-sensitive friends and floral tea lovers.

Brewing Guide: 

Mug brewing method- preferably in a glass vessel to enjoy the beauty of the flowers rehydrating in the water!
Water temperature: ~98-100°C
Quantity: 1/2 teaspoon
Steeping time: 1.5-2 minutes

Tip: Delicious hot or chilled. To enhance its natural sweetness, chrysanthemum can also be brewed with a couple of rock sugar lumps. 

Please Note: Due to our small batch sourcing model, product packaging may vary from time to time. Although product received may differ, our family continues to vet every item purchased to ensure quality and consistency. 

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