Five Flower Tea | 五花茶
Five Flower Tea | 五花茶
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Five Flower Tea | 五花茶

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In Cantonese culture, herbal teas or 涼茶 (liangcha, lit. cooling tea) are a natural remedy that mothers swear by to make slight corrections to one's body functions so that they can improve their health in a holistic manner. This herbal blend of 5 flowers: chrysanthemum (菊花), honeysuckle (金銀花), red cotton tree flower (木棉花), coltsfoot buds (款冬花), sweet chrysanthemum buds (甘菊花), licorice (甘草), to help detox the liver, boost the immune system, improve blurred vision, clear away heat and dampness, and prevents heat strokes.

Brewing Guide:

Cooking method- for traditional Chinese medicinal purposes
Quantity: entire bag
Add tea to a pot and pour 4 large bowls of cold water. Bring to a boil and cook the contents on low fire until only 3 bowls of liquid remains. Serve and enjoy while hotOptional: rebrew to extract a lighter 2nd brew.

Steeping method- to enjoy as a tasty herbal beverage
Water temperature: ~98-100°C
Quantity: 1 heaping tablespoon
Steeping time: 5 minutes


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