Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片
Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片
Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片
Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片
Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片
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Jasmine Green Tea | 茉莉花茶/香片

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In Chinese restaurants, jasmine tea is regularly referred to as 香片 (xiangpian, or lit. fragrant strips) because of the tea's refreshing, yet intoxicatingly sweet, floral fragrance. This jasmine tea consists of mature green tea that holds up to the rich jasmine petals that they are dried with. Recreate the taste of the Chinese banquet halls wherever you are with this classic brew.

Available in craft bag packaging or in lovely 50g canisters to gift. Gift set of 3 canisters is also available for the jasmine tea lover.

Brewing Guide: Brewed tea should be golden-yellow in color.

Gongfu brewing method-
Water temperature: 95-100℃
Quantity: 1 heaping tablespoon
Add tea to a preheated medium-sized gaiwan. Pour in enough water to submerge tea leaves and immediately pour out this first brew. Refill gaiwan to the top and steep for 20-30 seconds or until desired concentration before serving the tea. Rebrew as needed.

Mug brewing method-
Water temperature: ~95-97°C
Quantity: 1/2 teaspoon
Steeping time: 1-2 minutes

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