Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea (龍珠茉莉花茶)
Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea (龍珠茉莉花茶)
Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea (龍珠茉莉花茶)
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Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea (龍珠茉莉花茶)

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Our Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea consists of a combination of young malleable sprouts and robust, more mature green tea leaves that are dried with jasmine buds in order to absorb its sweet floral fragrance. The leaves are then tightly rolled into a small pearl so each the pearl of tea unravels into long leaves and gradually releases its flavor when steeped.

When brewed, the rich, sweet fragrance of the tea is unmatched by anything that comes in from a supermarket canister, making it a customer favorite in our Chinatown shop.

Brewing Guide:
makes around 3 mugs
12 fl oz mug + tea infuser
1 tsp of tea, 87-90°C water
Steep for 1-2 minutes

Please Note: Due to our small batch sourcing model, product packaging may vary from time to time. Although product received may differ, our family continues to vet every item purchased to ensure quality and consistency. 

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